Heart and Soul

Come in to La Bella Pizza on Olsen any time and you will likely see one of these people with the rest of the crew working diligently to provide guests with amazing food and drinks. You'll find them making daily batches of fresh dough, or preparing their house made Alfredo and Marinara sauces. Every dish is made to order ensuring the freshest possible entrees for their guests. With a commitment to the quality of every dish that leaves their kitchen, it is not just work, it is a labor of love. People like these along with the rest of the dedicated team are the REAL Heart and Soul of La Bella Pizza



Jim is the guy responsible for many of the newer and innovative menu items that keep popping up in our place.  

Growing up outside of Chicago, and having been in the restaurant business off and on since childhood, he has had the chance to delve into many different types and styles of food. This translates into unique new attempts at pizza as well as other dishes on the menu.



"The General" is the one that keeps this place running on all cylinders. While pumping out hundreds of orders a day, he still makes time to check on his guests. 

Kane has been in many different fields over his lifetime, but he truly found his calling when he came to us at La Bella. With his attention to detail, and passion for perfection, he is definitely the best man for the job.